About Us

Samsung PBX,Avaya PBX and Panasonic PBX with Dark Fibre Africa, Seacom, Internet Solution providers.

Solutioncoms is a privately owned company operating in the Office Automation industry and provide products and services including but not limited to PABX,VOIP, Networking,Fibre, Office Print and Document management Solutions.

The company was founded in 2005 through identifying a grey area in the market of service provision in South Africa and Africa and by successfully implementing suggested workable solutions. The founders of the company are from a telecommunications technical background with specialized sales and technical skills. Solutioncoms has established strong working relations with other technology suppliers such as Xerox Printing and Document Solutions, Samsung PBX,Avaya PBX and Panasonic PBX with Dark Fibre Africa, Seacom, Internet Solution providers who have had years of experience in their different fields of product supply and service. These relations in turn opened corridors to other sources for the supply and implementation of valued products and services.

We have listened to clients and surveyed the market. Solutioncoms has ascertained that there is a need to invest in clients so as to bond a partnership and finally, through mutual agreement, showing these clients how to invest in Solutioncoms so as to enhance their business.

Mission Statement

Solutioncoms focuses on providing office automation sales and services to a wide range of customers and is not only service and sales driven but also provides resources in consulting and project management so as to provide the client with the best possible solution. With a true and concise understanding of an individual clients needs, Solutioncoms can assist in making sure that a client understands what they need in successfully managing a sector of their business, which may currently be a financial burden instead of a gaining asset.

We at Solutioncoms are constantly striving to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of our communications products, services and solutions to meet our customers current and future requirements. We are therefore very proud of the proposed role we will play in ensuring your business has access to cutting-edge communications that will keep you well ahead of your competition.