Yealink Video Conference

A huddle room is a meeting room with a limited size or layout that accommodates a small number of attendees, typically no more than six. Frequently used by branch offices for video collaboration, huddle rooms often face obstacles and challenges that include:

  • Limited space, with no room for large equipment and complicated cabling

  • A need for a video camera with a wide-angle horizontal Field of View (FOV)

  • Tight budget

  • Lack of dedicated IT staff
  • Relatively weak network infrastructure

The VC110 All-in-One Video Conferencing Solution was designed to perfectly meet the unique needs of small meeting room environments. Meeting participants will enjoy a full 1080P HD video experience, while the user-friendly, all-in-one design makes setup a breeze. The Intelligent Firewall Traversal technology means conferences are now up and running just three minutes after unboxing! The Yealink’s innovative VCM60 Wireless Micpod brings more flexibility to users’ conferencing experience.

Video conferencing systems that feature multipoint capacity connect multiple parties in a meeting and play the most important role in the video collaboration solution.

General requirements include:

  • Reliable bridging capacity, connecting any location worldwide;
  • Support for transcoding, enabling access to different terminals
  • Good audio and video performance, especially in a large-size meeting room.

Yealink Middle- and Large-sized Meeting Rooms Solution and Benefits

Advanced HD Video Technologies

Yealink has invested in advanced HD video technologies that deliver realistic face-to-face communications for remote participants. The VC120-12X includes an 12X optical zoom HD camera that is suitable for different-sized meeting spaces thanks to its wide-angle horizontal Field of View (FoV) and flexible pan-and-tilt range. Customers can choose different microphone models for their meeting rooms – the Pod for smaller rooms and the Phone for larger rooms.

Video and Audio Performance

Featuring enhanced multipoint capacity as well as video and audio performance, the Yealink VC120-12X is the ideal endpoint choice for both large boardrooms and middle-sized meeting rooms.

Multi-Point Collaboration

The VC120-12X enables multi-point collaboration of up to 8-party video (with license), plus an audio call and 1080P content sharing (video, documents, etc.). It perfectly unifies audio and video by supporting different types of protocols and codecs, including H.323/SIP, audio & video codes, KBPS, HFR and more. With its powerful transcoding capacity, users are able to enjoy the stable full HD conference experience even when a lower definition terminal like video phone or smart phone is connected.

Effortless System Control

The VC120-12X is compatible with other mainstream video conferencing equipment and other communication devices. The solution can also work with the industry’s leading cloud-based video conferencing platforms and on-premise solutions. In addition, it is compatible and integrated with mainstream control systems platforms, such as Crestron and AMX, helping customers to embrace easy collaboration as well as effortless system control and management.